Best way to Fundraise

On my way to the office, I saw two volunteers raising funds for their associated charity. Similarly, I saw a pianist with his piano in a mall, playing to raise €100,000 for a children’s hospital. There is no limit to what people can do to help. There were thousands of people walking into the mall, many helped, few walked away.

Sitting at the office, thinking of the effort on giving could be made simple. How? The answer is our new app called “L2C Local”. This app offers a unique way of fundraising, also provides a fully integrated customer loyalty system.

Once you download the app, you get a QR code on your mobile phone, each time you shop, 1 cent for every €1 spent will be donated to your chosen club/charity or school. It is a very simple way to fundraise on a regular basis. We shop all the time, the motive to shop could be plenty, but can you imagine the total amount you would be donating every day or every week?

With the members and supporters downloading the L2C Local app can help your club/charity or school on a continuous way.





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