Who should use the L2C Local App?

It took almost a year to implement this system called ‘L2C Local’. Even now we are always busy trying to fix some bits and pieces that we feel is important or needs to be changed before it goes out.

This is a virtual ‘customer loyalty system’ which does almost everything that a normal loyalty program does for a customer. In fact, does more than that. First, we came up with the idea of a key card with a QR code on it but since the technology is moving quick, we decided to build an app for this. As we know people never forget to carry their mobile phones around, it’s easier to give them the option to scan directly from their mobile phones.

Over the time, we went on to explain the system on how it works and why people need to use it more often, we found that not every generation carries the mobile phones. The assumption of every people carrying their mobile phones every time they go out went little wrong and that’s how we realised the importance of key card. Any one member of the family downloads the L2C Local app can also ask for a key card with a QR code which can be used jointly with the app. There is also an option whereby a person can sign up and ask for QR code, no need to download the app.

Now, who should use the L2C Local app?

Placeholder Image

  • If you are a shopper

Shopper includes anyone who spends money to purchase any goods. It could be to buy a cup of coffee in the mornings or your daily groceries shopping at your local shops, your beauty treatment in salon etc. etc. there could be a long list of shopping. But keeping it simple, anywhere you spend you could become a potential user of the L2C Local app.

  • If you are a retailer

Again retailer can fit into any type of description. You could be florist selling beautiful flowers every morning, or a pub selling locally crafted beers with a nice meal in the evening or any shop that sells goods and services could become a happy partner of L2C Local.

  • If you support your charity

There are many charities here in Ireland that people support by raising funds for their charities. Support for many of the charity shops where people constantly donate and sell stuff to generate funds are increasing, so as the volunteering to raise funds. The loving heart towards your community could be nurtured by using the L2C Local App. Each time you shop for yourself and scan your L2C Local App, you give. You donate your funds to your chosen charities.

  • If you are a member or supporter of your local club

Are you a sports person? Is anyone in your family play sports? Do you support your local clubs? If you do, you know why you should be using this L2C Local app. Shop scan and raise money for your club. 🙂

  • If you want to raise money for your school

Education is important but is it important for yourself only? If we want to make our world a better place, there’s no other way than investing in education. People with better knowledge will always think of the betterment of the society. Members and supporters of schools who truly believes in the change must download the L2C Local App.

  • If you don’t fit into any of the listed categories

In case, if you are wondering that you don’t fit into any of the listed categories then you should be the first one to download the L2C Local app and start using it right way and you know why…


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