“L2C Local” The Best Business Award

We are an IT startup with an ambition of helping clubs/charities/ schools to fundraise in a unique and innovative way at the same time promoting our local businesses around us.

It was our first month in the market, still going back and forth with bugs and errors on the website, app etc. trying to fix it in order to ensure its smooth running when it goes out in the market for our customers to use. In the middle of this, we heard about Tallaght Enterprise Community, the yearly event organise by Bank of Ireland. With all the excitement, we thought that this could be something that can help bring out our name in the community.

We had about a week in our hand to prepare for this event. We had our Tallaght Launch date scheduled on 1st June, but this Tallaght Enterprise Community event took all our attention. We went on to design roll up banners, leaflets, banners, video and everything that we felt were necessary for the event.

We arrived early on the event day and started to set up. We didn’t expect anything on what we would be getting from it, we only knew that this could be an opportunity to let our community know our existence with this wonderful product we were offering.

The event began, everyone had something to offer we went around the stalls, offered and shared our information. Food stalls were amazing with different types of foods. Likewise, we shared our information on why people need to sign up and download the L2C Local app and start using it. The attractions of the event were Gavin Duffy, Katherine Zappone, The Branch Manager of BOI Arwel Buckland. Not to forget all the members of Enterprise with their amazing products and services, the clubs/charities/schools around Tallaght along with their members and supporters etc.

Early next week we got a call saying we won “The Best Business Award” in the event Tallaght Enterprise Community. We couldn’t believe ourselves, at the same time there was this post by The Tallaght Square congratulating us with our stall picture along with the permission to advertise our business for a week in The Square Tallaght.

It was unexpected and very inspiring for a start-up like us who wants to do something for their community. We are hoping to move forward with a great enthusiasm and hopefully will attend the Tallaght Enterprise Community event next year with the same spirit.

To be continued…


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