When the Ideas meet…


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When the Ideas meet…

An idea that just came up over a cup of tea. Nobody knew that a year later we would be actually working on it. A thought on doing something for the community, giving back to your community etc. almost every single person carries but rarely comes up with a way to implement it. Not that it’s impossible, we have seen many organisations involved with the same motive but how often do we participate when these organisations take stand on giving back to their community. Maybe once, twice or the number of times you can count and remember your contributions.

Ever kept track on how many times a week do we spend money on our needs? Well, the answer could be yes and no, but if I were to ask not just a week but all your life, then the answer is definitely a “no”.

We rarely say no to our needs, if it’s not today then it’s tomorrow for sure. Purchasing things that we need and want continues and has no limits to it. Sadly, it isn’t the same with helping a cause, if we donate a good sum we will always remember it and if we were to repeat the process, we might not hesitate but we would make sure that we keep a good time gap in between the process.

The idea of giving back to our community while spending for self sounded unrealistic but when working it out with a good plan and technology it was possible. Today we have the system that supports and reflects our idea. No matter how much and where we spend, each time we buy we can donate and help our local community.



“““““““““““““““L2C LOCAL APP““““““““““““““`




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